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The Spirited Walker

“Movement in the body brings movement in the mind. It is a

natural alchemy. So many of us

seek this kind of movement in our lives, a fusion of being and doing.”
             – The Spirited Walker

Photo by Paul Carter

The Spirited Walker

Carolyn Scott Kortge is a writer, newspaper journalist and former competitive racewalker. As a motivational speaker she has appeared at resorts across the United States, delivering programs that transform fitness walks into active meditations. Her Walking Well® program has been featured at cancer recovery events and medical centers nationally. Carolyn’s newspaper column, “Not the Retiring Type,” shares the on-going steps in a life-long journey of physical and spiritual exploration.

Carolyn Kortge

The Spirited Walker: Put care of the spirit on equal footing with care of the body in walks that transform fitness workouts into active meditation. More

Carolyn Kortge

Healing Walks: Tap the healing power of movement in an 8-week program that gets your feet back on the ground one step at a time. More

Carolyn's occasional blog posts address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual travels of an active, curious woman.

Urban Camino  -  A San Francisco visit delivers the challenges and discoveries  of an urban camino.

From bay to breakers, hill and vale, an invigorating quest. 

Carolyn Kortge
Carolyn Kortge

Just Say "Core-Chi" -

With a name like Kortge, one gets used to prononciation questions but I've learned it's my true name

November 18, 2018

"Accordion Re-wakes Heart & Brain"

A few doors down the block from the house on Main Street where I lived in early childhood, a music store filled a storefront next to the print shop. Perhaps it was there that a shiny accordion...

October 21,  2018

"For these Grannies, Rage is Fun"

.There's been no escaping the presence of rage in our nation's political life these days, so I was ready for a fresh outlook when I met a group of women who maintain that rage can actually be fun... 

September 16, 2018

"Reading Brings Meaning to Life"

Summer months dragged on too long for Val Moran, 80. She missed the daily connection with school children. She missed the joy of opening young minds to the magic of words. 

“Solvitur ambulando,” promises

a Latin adage. “It is solved by walking.” Perhaps not everything can be solved with a walk, but much of the stress in life can be eased by getting your feet on the ground.

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