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Healing Walks

‘This is a most encouraging book. No matter what you're going through--mental, emotional or physical anguish--the author is right there with you, helping you find the time, the rhythm, the momentum for walking as part of your healing.”

— reader review, ‘Healing Walks for Hard Times’



"Few things are as healing as a walk. I heartily endorse Healing Walks for Hard Times,”
— Christiane Northrup, MD, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

“A jewel of a book for anyone who is seeking a healing balm.”
— Spirituality & Practice


“In my opinion, walking is the most healthful form of physical activity, the one that has the greatest capacity to keep the healing system in good working order and increase the likelihood of spontaneous healing in case of illness.”

– Andrew Weil. MD


Carolyn Kortge


Tap the healing power of movement with Healing Walks for Hard Times. With a focus on walking for wellness rather than walking for fitness, it maps a path through life's difficulties.

Author Carolyn Scott Kortge draws on her own healing steps following a diagnosis of breast cancer to create a program of movement that acknowledges recovery not only as a physical process, but also an emotional, spiritual, and mental journey – a journey of survivorship.
Inspirational stories from survivors of heart disease, grief, clinical depression, diabetes, head injury, obesity, and natural disaster affirm the effectiveness of walking as a healing path in any trauma.

With walk guidelines at three fitness levels, the Walking Well® program provides a compassionate, eight-week path of healing that lets you start where you are and move forward. Chapter by chapter, walkers learn mental and physical steps that reduce stress, enhance energy, and help get life back on track. By combining steps with breath awareness, self-talk, visual imagery, and   nature, walkers shift focus away from fears and stressors to create moments of peace in which healing begins.

Begin with ten minutes a day, or more if you are able. But begin – healing starts with the first step. Take it now with this healing walk.

“Knowing how hard it is to get back on your feet when life has brought you to your knees, Kortge’s guidance is gentle and compassionate, yet firm. Her eight-week program is designed to help restore trust in the body’s healing ability, and restore connection with the earth and the joy in being alive.”
— Spirituality & Health Magazine, review of Healing Walks for
Hard Times


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