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The Spirited Walker

“This is one of those rare books that makes you feel like the author is right there in your living room chatting with you. She is so genuine and so obviously in love with walking. She is especially enthusiastic about the deeper mental and spiritual aspects of fitness and being in nature. Every chapter is loaded with useful information. I can tell that this will be a book that I come back to over and over.”

— reader review,
    ‘The Spirited Walker’


"I don’t normally write “fan” mail but I just felt that I should tell you how your book has affected me. I just finished my morning walk and I FEEL GREAT! God bless you.”

— Rhonda Howard, about

    The Spirited Walker


Regular walks promote new connections between brain cells, stave off loss of brain tissue, and increase size of the brain section crucial to memory.

— The New Yorker Magazine,
    “Why Walking Helps us Think”

Carolyn Kortge
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Take your fitness walks to a deeper level with The Spirited Walker, an explorer’s guide to the inner dimensions of America’s favorite exercise. Carolyn Scott Kortge, award-winning journalist and a past Masters race walker, carries fitness walking to new levels of health and wholeness, for walkers of any age or fitness level.

The Spirited Walker chronicles Carolyn’s mid-life transformation from “klutz” to a competitive athlete who holds bronze and silver medals from the USA Track and Field Association’s National Masters Championships. In The Spirited Walker, she introduces a lively blend of physical and mental exercises that expand the pleasure and benefits of your walks. Explore the overlay of meditation and athletic performance as you combine your steps with mindful focus. Breath awareness, self-talk, sensory alertness, visual imagery, and gratitude practices boost stress release and restore energy, making walks an exercise in well being.


Millions of people already walk for fitness and health. It's a step in the right direction, but without focus, exercise walking loses much of its potency. By aligning the energies of muscles and mind, you make exercise more fun, more efficient, and more effective. Take the first step! Try a Spirited Walk.

“The goal of spirited walking is a walking practice that provides a physical workout as well as a mental one. When you put the physical effort of aerobic exercise together with mental awareness, workouts flood both body and mind with fresh air and fresh attitudes.”
— The Spirited Walker

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