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“Daily walks make explorers of us all, particularly when we bring awareness to the path. As you come to identify yourself as a ‘walker,’ you embark on a path of discovery and wellbeing. As you bring mental focus to your route, you move toward wholeness.”
-The Spirited Walker



Carolyn Kortge
Carolyn Kortge

Whatever your motivation for walking—relaxation, physical fitness, weight loss, heart health, connection with nature, or reconnection with yourself—a walk can become the first step in a journey to renewed vitality and well being. Expand the benefits of every walk with an approach that that puts care of the spirit on equal footing with care of the body. In The Spirited Walker, Carolyn Scott Kortge transforms fitness walks into lively meditations that boost stress release, energy and mood. In Healing Walks for Hard Times, she taps the healing power of movement in a compassionate, eight-week walking program that gets your feet back on the ground when life knocks you down.



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