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The Spirited Walker - Table of Contents

“...practical and inspirational, with tips on walking techniques, plus meditation and breathing exercises, and personal tales of rejuvenating rambles.”
– Health Magazine

“Reading this book made me WANT to go walking each day. I recommend it to those who want to get active but are having trouble getting motivated, to those who are seeking a low impact workout, or to anyone who feels a sense of balance missing from their lives.”
– Lori Lewis

Carolyn Kortge
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Ch 1: In Step: Body, Mind

and Spirit
Sidelines: On location
Shall We Waltz?

Ch 2: How Far? Fast? Often?
Sidelines: Gearing up
Goal Mining

Ch 3: Words for Walkers
Sidelines: Self-Talk
Affirmative Action

Ch 4: Imagery for Walkers
Sidelines: Picture of Success
The Tao of Walking

Ch 5: Breathwork for Walkers
Sidelines: Home Stretch
Jitterbug Breath

Imspirational Sprints


Ch 6: Daily Walks: 

Step Up Commitment

Sidelines: On the Shin

Expect a Miracle


Ch 7: Yes, I Can! – Maintaining Motivation

Joy of Completion

Musical Intervals


Ch 8: A Healing Path

Sidelines: Poetry in Motion

On Solid Ground


Ch 9: Peak Experiences

Sidelines: Prints of Peace Sacred Paces


Ch 10: A Pilgrim's Path

Sidelines: Spiritual Journeys

A Grateful Retreat

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