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Healing Walks
Carolyn Kortge
Carolyn Kortge

Marathon Walkers Train Body and Mind
Training to walk a marathon offers members of The Spirited Walkers of Eugene, OR, a route to personal achievement and enhanced fitness. This eight-month training program is coached by sports therapist Kay Porter, author of The Mental Athlete, with guest appearances from Carolyn. Many members of the group work up to the 26-mile Portland Marathon challenge with a preliminary half-marathon held in Eugene each spring.

Spirited Walkers of Eugene


In Tucson Walkers Set a Spirited Pace
A group of Tucson walkers guided by optometrist Dawn Messer meet regularly for mindful walks in the Sabino Canyon area. Dawn formed the group after meeting Carolyn at a Life Beyond Cancer retreat at Miraval Resort. Carolyn’s walks at the retreat introduced walking as a component of healing in times of emotional or physical upheaval.

Dawn carried the message back to cancer survivors in her community and launched a Mindful Meandering group based on Spirited Walking. 

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Spirited Walker Groups

Tucson Spirited Walker Group
Eugene Spirited Walkers Group
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